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Necessary color management
Understanding Color Space
Value range of HSL color expression system and Picture Style Editor functions
The maximum saturation value for HSL differs significantly depending on luminosity. If saturation is set higher than the restriction imposed for editing, the luminosity will be changed automatically. This point must be understood when actually editing colors using Picture Style Editor.
HSL relationship between saturation and luminosity
Graph : HSL relationship between saturation and luminosity
In the HSL color model, the hue can be specified from 0 to 359º as per the rotational angle. Saturation and luminosity can be specified in the range 0-100, but only when luminosity is 50 can the saturation be specified at 100 as per the bi-conical shape. If trying to change saturation only without changing the luminosity of the sampled colors when colors are edited, saturation can be 100 only when luminosity = 50.
In Picture Style Editor, if you wish to render colors more vividly, simultaneously change the colors' luminosity for it to be more brilliant. If the luminosity of a sampled color is less than 50, it becomes more vivid by increasing luminosity to 50, whereas if it is over 50, it becomes darker than 50. Under normal operation, when passing the limit point, luminosity is also automatically changed, but if you don't want to change the luminosity, move the saturation slider while pressing the shift key to stop at the limit point. Operation is also the same for the outer circumference when editing luminosity.
Understanding the relationship between saturation and luminosity allows for flexible use of Picture Style Editor.
Understanding and Using CMS - Recommendation to calibrate monitor
Understanding and Using CMS - Color management settings for software
Understanding and Using CMS - Color management settings for printouts
Understanding Color Space - Various color spaces and the color space width
Understanding Color Space - Understanding the HSL color system
Understanding Color Space - HSL color system value range and Picture Style Editor functions
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