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Basic operation method
The "Picture Style" Concept
Necessary color management
Introduction of detailed structure and functions
Detailed Operating Procedure
Necessary color management
Understanding Color Space
Various color spaces and the color space width
Adobe RGB and sRGB can be specified by almost all digital cameras. A variety of working color spaces can be selected for DPP. Understanding the basic mechanisms behind Lab and HSL will facilitate color editing in Picture Style Editor.
Color notation method and color solid / Understanding the various languages to express color
Color space: Indicates the area of color expression
sRGB, Adobe RGB, Wide Gamut RGB, ProPhoto RGB, NTSC, device color space (e.g. printers, monitors, scanners), etc.
Color expression system: Numerical conversion method of colors
XYZ, Lab, Luv, Ycc, HSB, HSL, etc.
Elements held by data
RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, B&W, etc.
The appearance of so many complex abbreviations, such as Lab, HSB, HSL, Ycc, etc., in addition to various terms, such as color space, color expression system, and color mode, gives the impression that CMS is complicated. Understanding about the terms in each category, and knowing what they stand for eliminates such concerns. Please increase your understanding by streamlining the information to the necessary range to use Picture Style Editor effectively.
Color space refers to the extent of coverage possible on the specified color expression system. Generally, this refers to Adobe RGB and sRGB, but the unique range of colors that can be handled by each device, i.e. printer or scanner, can also be considered as color space.
Color expression systems, such as Lab and HSL, are means of determining units for handling colors.
RGB and CMYK express image elements, and their colors are expressed using RGB on displays where luminous objects are used, while CMYK is used for printouts.
You will have virtually mastered CMS if you understand the difference between the above color space, color expression system, and elements.
Various color spaces
Graph : Color space area
A typical color space for the Yxy color expression system is shown in the illustration.
Such illustrations differ per color expression system even for the same color space.
The illustration on the left graphically shows the color space area (color zone) plotted against the color expression system called Yxy, and such charts are very common. Each color space is created for a specific purpose. The area for sRGB, which is familiar to digital cameras, is smaller, whereas Adobe RGB is larger. For the most part, the color zone in offset printing (Japan Color 2001 Coated) can express more vivid colors than sRGB. In other words, the area of color space determines the coverage and how vividly the colors can be expressed.
Understanding and Using CMS - Recommendation to calibrate monitor
Understanding and Using CMS - Color management settings for software
Understanding and Using CMS - Color management settings for printouts
Understanding Color Space - Various color spaces and the color space width
Understanding Color Space - Understanding the HSL Color System
Understanding Color Space - HSL color system value range and Picture Style Editor functions
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