Network cameras

Network cameras watch over Yokohama, creating a secure city

Located south of Tokyo, Yokohama is home to over 3.7 million people and attracts some 46 million tourists from around the world annually.
Currently in the world’s spotlight as the city prepares to host the Rugby World Cup 2019™ finals, Yokohama is implementing a Canon and Axis surveillance system as it develops the infrastructure to become a model city for safety and security. The cutting-edge cameras provide high-resolution shooting even at nighttime and 360° continuous panning, setting high expectations for a system that will not only help to identify potentially dangerous situations at large events, but will also enable prompt and accurate assessments in the event of a natural disaster.
Yokohama is placing its confidence in Canon technology to ensure the safety and security of its citizens and visitors 24/7.

Advancing into the rapidly growing network camera market with technologies cultivated through camera and office multifunction device development

An Axis network camera system in use at Malmö Central Station in Sweden

Development of new cutting-edge, high-performance network cameras progressing at Axis (above)

A Canon network camera that can capture images even in low-light conditions using infrared light (below)

With the rising awareness of security issues worldwide, the shift from analog surveillance cameras to network cameras continues to progress. Canon entered the network camera market in 2013, utilizing advanced technologies cultivated through decades of camera development. Moving further ahead with an eye toward developing network camera solution services, we began to apply the network control, image analysis software and cloud service technologies borne of our leading-edge office multifunction devices.
Given the rapid growth of the market, Canon welcomed the Sweden-based company Axis into the Group in 2015, in order to turn network cameras into a core business. In 1996, Axis became the first in the world to develop a network camera for surveillance. Today, the company remains an industry pioneer and is one of the world’s leading corporations, partnering with over 90,000 companies in 179 countries and regions. In 2017, Canon and Axis launched our first co-developed product, the AXIS Q1659, which can be equipped with various EF-series interchangeable lenses ranging from ultrawide angle to telephoto, making this network camera ideal for a wide range of purposes.
Recently, Canon released an ultra-high-sensitivity network camera, the ME20F-SHN, which uses our CMOS sensor technology to capture full-color video in extreme low-light conditions. Delivering excellent performance under nothing but starlight, this camera is expected to play an active role in nighttime surveillance at various types of facilities as well as the monitoring of rivers, borders and disaster sites.

Accelerating the evolution of network cameras and proposing solutions for an enriched future

Development of leading-edge software for high-level management of video images at Milestone Systems (above)

XProtect enables centralized management of multiple video feeds (below)

The coordination of multiple network cameras enables the monitoring of widespread and remote areas, as well as the search, detection and tracking of specific persons. To optimize the effectiveness of such operations, video management software is needed to centrally manage the recording, editing and display of video transmitted from the cameras. Denmark-based Milestone Systems, which joined the Canon Group in 2014, has a leading share of the global video management software market. Milestone’s core product is XProtect, an open platform with superb expandability that achieves the stable management of multiple cameras.
Canon is currently working on video content analysis technology that will deliver higher value to network camera video. We have begun marketing such products as Profile Analyzer, which can deduce the age and gender of persons from live video, and People Counter, which can instantly count as many as 1,500 people in a crowd. Now, we are developing software that can track a specific person from multiple camera images.
In the future, with advances in AI and with faster transmission speeds, network cameras will evolve into intelligent systems capable of even more precise recognition and judgement. By integrating our proprietary imaging technology with Axis’s network video processing technology and Milestone’s video management technology, Canon is providing new solutions towards realizing a safe and enriched future.

Wide-Area Monitoring System uses deep learning to measure crowds and predict the flow of people

Canon is developing a Wide-Area Monitoring System that can accurately count the number of people in a crowd and track a single person with multiple cameras. The system combines high-resolution network cameras with video content analysis technology that makes use of deep learning architecture. It can search for and track a target person from a vast amount of surveillance camera data and anticipate their next action as well as potentially dangerous situations. Expectations are high that this system will help prevent incidents and accidents before they occur.