Network cameras

A safer, more
comfortable subway
system for tourists
and citizens alike

Network cameras are bringing greater safety and security to
Fukuoka City Subway

Accommodating over 160 million passengers a year, including approximately 20 million tourists, Fukuoka City Subway is a major transportation hub. In advance of the subway’s 40th anniversary in 2021, Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau embarked on a program to replace their analog surveillance cameras to provide an even safer and more comfortable transportation service.
On the Airport and Hakozaki lines, Canon’s network camera system has been installed at the ticket gates, platforms, stairs, escalators, ticket vending machines and station entrances and exits.
The recorded images, which previously were handled at each station, are now centrally managed at a control room, allowing the video feeds from over 460 cameras to be reviewed any time. Furthermore, the new system yields a dramatic improvement in image quality, realizing Full HD images with resolution 24 times higher than the previous system and a 10-times-higher frame rate of 15 fps. The new video images are so sharp that it is possible to determine the type of bill used at a vending machine and so smooth that a person running will not disappear in the next frame. Previously, reviewing data required a visit to the station where it was recorded. Since this is no longer necessary, time and resources can be used more efficiently.
With Canon network cameras in action, each station can optimally allocate staff in response to the ever-changing congestion conditions on platforms and stairs. Thus, the cameras contribute not only to safety and security, but also to work efficiency.

In the IoT era, network camera systems have
evolved into video analytics solutions

Advances are taking place in both hardware and software

Network cameras are an essential element of the modern infrastructure that ensures the safety and security of society. Network camera systems, which offer remote operation, video sharing, and smart software that can detect abnormalities, serve not only for surveillance and crime prevention, but also for marketing and enhancing productivity in manufacturing. Thus, the network camera market is undergoing rapid transformation and experiencing dramatic growth.
Utilizing Canon’s proprietary optical technologies, we continue to advance our hardware and launch new systems, including cameras that can capture high-definition color video in the dark. At the same time, we are developing video analysis technology that incorporates AI, which will be instrumental to future growth. Canon has successively launched software with such smart functions as people counting, gender and age identification and the real-time silhouetting of moving objects to protect privacy.
Given our ability to advance both hardware and software, Canon can propose new services that anticipate market trends as we strive to expand our network visual solution businesses.

Milestone’s XProtect software enables centralized video management

Consolidating the strengths of the Canon Group

Since welcoming Axis, a global leader in network camera systems that partners with over 90,000 companies around the world, and Milestone Systems, a leader in video management software, into the Canon Group, we have built a structure for providing comprehensive network video solutions.
In 2018, we welcomed Israel-based BriefCam, a leading video analytics solutions provider, into the Group. Today, the Canon Group possesses leading-edge technology in network camera hardware, as well as video management and video analysis software. Our ability to consolidate the strengths of innovative companies allows us to provide advanced solutions.

Joint development of products by Canon and Axis

Video Synopsis software dramatically increases the efficiency of video reviewing

BriefCam’s signature video content analytics software features the company’s unique Video Synopsis technology, which enables the review of hours of recorded video in minutes. Filters for identifying specific objects, such as red cars for example, boosts the efficiency of monitoring. This software is not only used for security, but also for crowd management and traffic flow optimization and its use is expanding to other fields.