Network cameras

Utilizing image analysis and AI technology, Canon network cameras become the eyes of the IoT, realizing a safer and more prosperous future

Amidst the growing awareness of the need for security worldwide, the network camera market continues to grow rapidly. Canon regards network cameras as an important new field for business growth, leveraging our proprietary optical and image processing technologies to bring superior products to market.
Employed widely on city streets and throughout public and private facilities where effective security is vital, Canon network cameras operate 24/7 to ensure safety and peace of mind.
Today, Canon’s vision for our network camera business extends beyond security and surveillance towards the realization of revolutionary imaging solutions. By integrating Canon imaging technologies with technologies from the Canon Group—Axis Communications’ network image processing and Milestone Systems’ video management technologies—we are making breakthroughs in image analysis that pave the way to new solutions in various fields.
Looking to the future, Canon is implementing AI technology to work with our network cameras, creating the eyes of the IoT and leading to a new generation of innovations that will enhance security and enrich lives.