News Release

December 25, 2009
Canon Inc.
Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Notice regarding final agreement for transfer of Canon's semiconductor equipment business operations

TOKYO, December 25, 2009—Canon Inc. (President and COO: Tsuneji Uchida, "Canon") and Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (President: Masami Kawasaki, "Canon Marketing Japan") today announced that, following discussions in accordance with the basic agreement announced on September 25, the two companies have reached a final agreement regarding the transfer of Canon Marketing Japan's semiconductor equipment-related business to Canon, effective January 1, 2010.

In order to facilitate greater flexibility in response to the rapidly changing semiconductor equipment market, Canon Marketing Japan's semiconductor equipment business division, which handles the sales, service and support of mainly semiconductor exposure systems and LCD exposure systems, will be transferred to Canon to realize an integrated framework, spanning from development and design to production, sales, service and support.

The move will enable not only the building of an organizational structure in which market and customer feedback is quickly relayed to development teams and swiftly reflected in products, but also the boosting of technological strength on the sales front.