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Posted: March 2, 2010
February 25, 2010
Canon. Inc.
  • This is a press release by Canon Inc. pursuant to the provisions of Section 4 paragraph 3 of the Dutch Decree on Public Takeover Bids (Besluit openbare biedingen Wft). This announcement and related materials do not constitute an offer for the issued and outstanding ordinary shares in the capital of Océ N.V. This announcement is not for release, publication or distribution, in whole or in part, in or into directly or indirectly the United States and Canada.

Canon clarifies its position regarding application for preliminary measures filed in Netherlands (This press release was issued in the Netherlands on February 25, 2010)

Amsterdam/Tokyo, 25 February 2010— Canon Inc. and its subsidiary Canon Finance Netherlands B.V. ("Canon") have taken notice of the application for preliminary measures filed with the Enterprise Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam by Hermes and Universities Superannuation Scheme on 22 February 2010.

Reference is made to the press release of 28 January 2010, in which Canon and Océ N.V. ("Océ") jointly announce that Canon is making a fully self-funded, public cash offer ("Offer") for all the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Océ at an offer price of EUR 8.60 per share. The acceptance period for this Offer stands to end on 1 March 2010.

Canon believes that the concerns expressed in the application for preliminary measures are unfounded and in order to relieve these concerns and clarify any possible misunderstandings, Canon confirms as follows:

Financing preference shares

The transfer of the financing preference shares (and not only the depositary receipts of these shares) has been agreed for technical reasons, the purpose has never been for Canon to acquire a disproportionate number of votes, if and when the Offer is declared unconditional. Upon acquiring more than 50% of Océ's ordinary shares, Canon will hold a controlling majority in the shareholders meeting, regardless of the number of votes that are exercised on the financing preference shares.

Nevertheless, to address the concerns that apparently exist in relation to the number of votes that can be exercised on the financing preference shares, Canon confirms that — if and when the Offer is declared unconditional and the financing preference shares are transferred — it will only vote the number of financing preference shares that corresponds with the economic interest of all financing preference shares, i.e. approximately 3%.

Dutch Corporate Governance Code

As has been confirmed on several occasions by Océ's Executive and Supervisory Boards and is also stated in the Offer Memorandum that was published on 28 January 2010, Canon has agreed that, if and when the Offer is declared unconditional, Océ will continue to adhere to the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. This includes the principle that in case of a conflict of interest the conflicted Supervisory Board directors will not participate in the decision-making process; this also applies to the Supervisory Board directors appointed on the nomination of Canon.

In light of these recent developments, Canon states: "Océ is a company with a distinguished history spanning more than 130 years and has cultivated an outstanding corporate culture and exceptional technologies. By joining forces with the highly respected Océ, Canon pursues this transaction with the aim of realizing further growth as a leading global player in the dramatically changing printing industry, which continues evolving in terms of digitalization and globalization. Amid the current harsh economic climate and severe market competition, which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, we are confident that Océ, working together with Canon, would be able to recover its ability to realize sound growth. Canon has every intention of proceeding in a sensible manner as a good Dutch corporate citizen."

This press release is also published in Dutch; the English version will prevail over the Dutch version.


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