News Release

June 28, 2013
Canon Inc.

Notice regarding the publication of Canon Sustainability Report 2013

The Canon Group promotes its CSR activities in line with the basic policy of contributing to the realization of a better society as a good corporate citizen, effectively leveraging the company's advanced technological strengths, global business development and diverse, specialized human resources.

Canon Inc. is pleased to announce that it has published Canon Sustainability Report 2013, which introduces various activities carried out by the Canon Group in 2012.

This year's report clarifies the relationship between the Canon Group CSR Activity Policy and the business activities of the Canon Group.

The report also highlights key activities from among those in our CSR policy that stakeholders have expressed strong interest in, such as digital radiography technology that provides high-quality images with low X-ray exposure to patients, network cameras that contribute to a safe society, and carbon footprint initiatives to make possible the visualization of CO2 emissions of products.

The report is now available for download from our CSR website in two PDF formats: a summarized version and the full report. Separate PDF files are also available by individual topic.

Note: Canon Sustainability Report 2013 is not available in printed booklet form.