News Release

March 26, 2013
Canon Inc.

Océ becomes wholly owned Canon subsidiary, integration proceeds apace

TOKYO, Japan, March 26, 2013—Canon Inc. ("Canon"; Chairman and CEO: Fujio Mitarai; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) announced today that its consolidated subsidiary Océ N.V. ("Océ" ; President and CEO: Anton Schaaf; Headquarters: Venlo, the Netherlands), which was delisted from NYSE Euronext Amsterdam in February 2012, became a wholly owned Canon subsidiary on March 8, 2013, following the conclusion of formal statutory buyout proceedings under Dutch law ("squeeze out procedure").

Since joining forces, Canon and Océ have jointly developed new products and worked to strengthen their marketing and service capabilities. Now that Océ has become a wholly owned subsidiary, both companies will work to maximize synergies with the aim of creating the overall No. 1 presence in the printing industry.