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April 3, 2014
Canon Inc.

Canon announces free software upgrade for EOS C500 that delivers greatly enhanced efficiency with Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics-Powered PCs

TOKYO, April 3, 2014—Canon Inc. announced today a software upgrade for the EOS C500 digital cinema camera (launched in October 2012), part of Canon's Cinema EOS System lineup of professional digital cinematography products, that will enable users to realize more efficient on-set production workflows. The Company will offer the free-of-charge Cinema RAW Development software upgrade1 starting in October 2014.

EOS C500

The new Cinema RAW Development 1.3 software, currently under development, will deliver enhanced shooting workflows, including the on-set playback and confirmation of 4K RAW video, when using the EOS C500.

Through collaboration with Intel, Cinema RAW Development 1.3 will realize improved performance using a beta version of the Intel® Media SDK 2014 Professional Camera Pack,2 making possible faster development of 4K Cinema RAW data when using a PC equipped with Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics. Canon's software upgrade will support greater workflow efficiencies for 4K RAW data by enabling real-time playback with playback speeds of up to 24 frames per second (fps). To date, previewing 4K RAW video footage on a notebook PC and other compact computer devices had been difficult because of the slow fps rate and the need for tremendous processing power, which was only available with a workstation PC. Now, with a combination of upgrades to Canon's Cinema RAW Development 1.3 software, compatible with the Intel® Media SDK 2014 Professional Camera Pack, and a PC with Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics, Canon users will be able to more quickly preview their 4K video footage while on a shoot.

Executive quote from Intel
"Through our close collaboration with Canon, Intel is excited to be able to deliver highly accelerated 4K playback performance on a mobile PC with Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics," said Christos Georgiopoulos, Vice President, Software and Services Group General Manager, Developer Relations Division at Intel Corporation.

About Cinema RAW Development
Cinema RAW Development software enables 4K Cinema RAW footage shot with the EOS C500 that has been exported to and recorded by an external recorder to be converted into DPX and other standard file formats and output for image previewing and editing.

Demonstration at 2014 NAB Show
Canon will demonstrate a trial version of Cinema RAW Development 1.3 using an Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics-powered PC at the Canon booth during the 2014 NAB Show from April 7 to 10 in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

About Intel
Intel is the largest provider of PC Graphics and continues to advance processor graphics capabilities, pushing visual technologies to the limits. From the graphics architecture to software ecosystems and graphics drivers, Intel delivers a computing experience that is more visual than ever.

1 Details to be provided after October within the Cinema EOS System section of the Canon homepage
2 The name Intel® Media SDK 2014 Professional Camera Pack has been changed by Intel to Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience RAW Media Accelerator (revision added on September 4, 2014)