News Release

February 18, 2015
Canon Inc.

Canon succeeds in obtaining default judgment in patent action

TOKYO, February 18, 2015 — Canon today announced that, in the legal proceedings where Canon asserts infringement of Canon's European Patent (UK) number 2 087 407 by, inter alia, the importation and sale of certain toner cartridges for use in various models of Hewlett-Packard laser beam printers, the High Court of Justice of England and Wales entered default judgment as of 22 January 2015 against the defendants, European Cartridge Warehouse Limited (ECW) and Printer Supplies Technology Limited (PST).

As such, the Court has granted remedies including an injunction forbidding ECW and PST from selling the toner cartridges which were the subject of the legal proceedings, and has ordered ECW and PST to deliver up or destroy any of the said cartridges in their possession, custody and control.

Throughout the development, sales and marketing process, Canon respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and individuals and expects others to do the same. Canon remains committed to taking legal action against anyone who does not respect Canon's intellectual property rights.