June 1, 2017
Canon Inc.

Canon announces conclusion of dispute with J&H Greentech and Trading Ltd.

TOKYO, June 1, 2017—Canon and J&H Greentech and Trading Limited, dealing under “Prestige Cartridge,” have agreed to resolve their pending multi-jurisdictional dispute regarding J&H's alleged infringement of Canon's European patents EP 2,087,407 B1, EP 2,137,577 B1, and the respective international counterpart patents thereof. To resolve these matters on a global basis and to conclude the patent infringement proceedings pending in Germany and Italy, J&H has agreed not to dispose of, offer to dispose of, use, keep, import or otherwise deal with certain laser toner cartridges for use in various models of Canon and HP laser beam printers worldwide. Further details of the settlement agreement are confidential.

Throughout the development, sales and marketing process, Canon respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and individuals and expects others to do the same. Canon remains committed to taking legal action against anyone who does not respect Canon's intellectual property rights.