January 29, 2021
Canon Inc.

Canon's activities lead to the removal of 19 listings from Amazon in Australia

TOKYO, January 29, 2021—Canon Inc. today announced that in about the fourth quarter of 2020, it used the Amazon Reporting Tool* and/or letters of inquiry to successfully remove 19 listings from Amazon in Australia. Since September 2019, the total number of listings removed is 198. The listings offered third-party laser toner cartridges that Canon believes infringed one or more of Australian Patent Nos. 2014208277 and 2007205464.

Canon respects the intellectual property rights of others and will continue to enforce its own intellectual property rights.

  • *Filing a Report Infringement Form with Amazon is a service offered by Amazon and does not comprise any official finding of validity or infringement of a patent. The decision to take down a product is in the discretion of Amazon and is based on information provided by Canon. Amazon informed the vendor about the take down and the vendor may object to it.