News Release

September 29, 2021
Canon Inc.

Canon Inc. completes acquisition of Redlen Technologies as a wholly owned subsidiary

TOKYO, Japan, September 29, 2021—Canon Inc. ("Canon"; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Fujio Mitarai) announced that on September 7, 2021, it reached an agreement with Redlen Technologies Inc. ("Redlen"; Headquarters: British Columbia, Canada; President and CEO: Glenn Bindley) to make Redlen a wholly owned subsidiary. The share transfer was completed on September 28, 2021, thus formally establishing Redlen as a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon Inc.

With the acquisition of Redlen, Canon will obtain advanced radiation detection and imaging technology used in CZT semiconductor detector modules, which play an important role in the development of Photon Counting CT (PCCT). This will enable Canon Medical Systems Corporation, also a subsidiary of Canon, to accelerate the development of competitive PCCT systems to strengthen the medical systems business. In addition, Canon will provide CZT semiconductor detector modules to medical equipment manufacturers around the world, thus helping strengthen Canon's medical component business. In this way, Canon will continue to contribute to the advancement of global diagnostic imaging.