News Release

May 31, 2023

Canon Inc.

Canon publishes the Sustainability Report 2023

TOKYO, May 31, 2023—Canon Inc. announced today that the company, in order to provide its various stakeholders with an understanding of its sustainability-oriented initiatives, has published the Canon Sustainability Report 20231 via the company's official website.

Canon Sustainability Report 2023 (English edition) :

  The Canon Sustainability Report 2023   
The Canon Sustainability Report 2023

As standards for disclosing sustainability-related information continue to evolve, this year’s Sustainability Report follows the International Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines revised in 2021, listing major challenges regarding environmental and social impact, organized by priority. In addition, through dialogue with entities based outside Japan, the company aims to provide a wealth of information in its Sustainability Report. Furthermore, Canon aims to expand the disclosed data regarding its human capital, as well as improve the reliability of its environmental data2, which has been verified by third-party auditors3.

Until last year, the Canon Sustainability Report also included the Canon Integrated Report, which contains information on the company’s business performance, financial health, ESGs and other related content. As of this year, the Canon Sustainability Report and the Canon Integrated Report have been published separately, with the former focusing on Canon’s sustainability related initiatives. With this change, Canon aims to provide readers with more valuable information on content relevant to their interests.

Going forward, Canon will continue to value communication with its stakeholders while pursuing sustainability initiatives and proactively publishing related information.