Principles of Green Procurement Standards

Procurement of parts and materials that compose the Canon products

To promote environmental conservation activities, Canon thinks it essential that the following four frameworks function effectively, and satisfying these requirements is the condition to start business with us.

  • A: Environmental management system for business activities

    A company must construct and operate a system to reduce environmental impact caused by its business activities.

  • B: Performance of business activities

    As the result of constructing and operating an environmental management system, the following must be achieved: compliance with laws and regulations, no use of the prohibited substances, reduction in the use of substances targeted for reduced levels of use, and implementation of preventive measures against pollution of soil and groundwater.

  • C: Management of chemical substances in products (environmental management system for parts and materials)

    A system must be constructed and operated to keep track of and manage chemical substances contained in parts and materials delivered to Canon.

  • D: Performance of parts and materials

    No "prohibited substances" are contained in parts and materials delivered to Canon, and no "use-restricted substances" are contained after a specified period.

Procurement of MRO items (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) used only in Canon

Canon purchases preferentially environment-friendly products and service.

Operation of "Green Procurement Standards"


The Canon asks suppliers to comply with the requirements prescribed in the Green Procurement Standards. Please confirm the following in regard to achieving compliance with the requirements. If any points are unclear, please contact the procurement and purchasing division of the Canon-group company with which you have dealings.

  1. Positioning of the Green Procurement Standards
    The Green Procurement Standards are based on the basic trade agreement and prescribe Canon’s requirements for suppliers regarding green procurement activities performed as part of Canon’s efforts to conserve the global environment. Compliance with these Standards is one of the terms of business agreed between Canon and its suppliers.
  2. Targets of suppliers' environmental conservation activities
    Canon requests all the suppliers in the supply chain to construct and operate environmental management systems related to business activities and systems for management of chemical substances in products. This means that, in order to meet the requirements, Canon suppliers must properly verify that their own suppliers (this term includes all suppliers in the upstream of the supply chain, in the following as well) comply with the requirements.
  3. Provision of information to Canon
    In the Green Procurement Standards, Canon asks all the suppliers in the supply chain to promptly provide information. Both Canon suppliers and their own suppliers are requested to notify Canon when they experience any of the cases specified in "3. Notification to Canon" in "7. Explanation of the Requirements".
  4. Verification of the status of compliance with the requirements
    Canon may request Canon suppliers and their own suppliers to allow entry into their offices or plants to verify the status of compliance with the requirements of the Green Procurement Standards. If a Canon supplier or its own supplier fails to achieve full compliance, Canon requests the supplier to make improvement. If improvement is found difficult, Canon may take action to curtail or suspend dealings.