Canon Group Basic Policy on Responsible Minerals Sourcing

Canon is working together with business partners to address the responsible minerals sourcing.

Establishment: September 27, 2012
Revision: September 7, 2023

Canon Group Basic Policy on Responsible Minerals Sourcing

Products manufactured and sold by the Canon Group and numerous other corporations contain materials that originate from a variety of minerals. These materials are sourced through diverse supply chains from their places of origin throughout the world. Mineral mining sites, smelters or other processing sites for some of those materials have been cited to contain elements of armed group involvement, serious human rights violations or environmental destruction. Corporations are therefore being called upon to exercise part of their social responsibility by ascertaining such conflict/high-risk regions and avoiding the use of materials supplied from business operators disrespecting human rights or environmental conservation in those regions.

For materials originating from tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten (conflict minerals) as well as other materials originating from minerals that Canon has determined to be a high-risk (cobalt, etc.), in order to (1) verify that said materials do not constitute sources of funds belonging to armed groups that are located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries in Central Africa as well as (2) avoid sourcing said materials from processing sites, etc. with an elevated level of human rights risk or environmental risk that are located in conflict/high-risk regions around the world, the Canon Group will conduct a "reasonable country of origin inquiry" or due diligence in accordance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance. In the event that significant risk is uncovered along a supply chain for those materials, the Canon Group will request the suppliers to switch over to a low-risk supply chain in order to fulfill responsible minerals sourcing. The Canon Group will disclose information regarding these initiatives to its customers and stakeholders in an appropriate manner.

The Canon Group would like our business partners to understand the international circumstances surrounding the responsible minerals sourcing. By cooperating with surveys and audits conducted by Canon Group companies as well as with the elimination of uncovered risk, we expect our business partners, as members of global supply chain, to join the Canon Group in carrying out the responsible sourcing of necessary minerals in the interest of ensuring the safe and secure supply of products.