September 5, 2019
Canon Inc.

Canon announces conclusion of toner cartridge patent lawsuit in Brazil

TOKYO, September 5, 2019—Canon Inc. today announced the conclusion of a patent infringement dispute with DRC SUPRIMENTOS DE INFORMÁTICA – EIRELI – ME, which also does business under the name "EDELTEC," in Brazil, concerning toner cartridges sold for use in various models of HP laser beam printers.

In March 2016, Canon sued EDELTEC for infringement of Canon's Brazilian. Patents No. PI 0720506-6 and No. PI 0807733-9 based on EDELTEC's sales of infringing toner cartridges, including sales made through its website

To resolve the lawsuit by signing a settlement agreement, EDELTEC agreed to recognize that said patents are valid and in force. Furthermore, EDELTEC agreed to pay damages for past infringements to Canon. By this Agreement, EDELTEC recognized the validity and the enforcement of the injunction granted by the State Court of Rio de Janeiro, which prohibits EDELTEC from making, using, selling and offering for sale in the Brazilian territory, and from importing into the Brazilian territory the toner cartridges that Canon accused of infringement.

Throughout the development, sales and marketing process, Canon respects the intellectual property of other companies and individuals and expects others to similarly respect Canon's intellectual property rights. Canon remains committed to pursuing legal enforcement against those who do not respect Canon's intellectual property.