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September 18, 2019

Canon requests removal of toner cartridges offered by Ciberorg Ltd from

TOKYO, September 18, 2019—Canon Inc. today announced the filing of Report Infringement Forms with based on the alleged use of claims 1 and 2 of the UK portion of Canon's European Patent EP 1 977 289 ("EP '289") regarding the cartridge models "CC530A", "CC531A", "CC532A" and "CC533A" offered by Ciberorg Ltd under the ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) B005J4ODAU, B005J4OEAY, B005J4OE54 ,B005J4OE18, B005J4ODW8, B005J4ODRS, B005J4ODN2, B005J4ODK0, B005J4ODF0, B005J4OD3C, B005J4OCYW, B005J4OCRE, B005J4OCM4, B005J4OCII, B005J4OCF6, B005J4OC6K, B005J4ODHI, B005J4ODCS, B005J4OD9Q, B005J4OD4G, B005J4OD0K, B005J4OCUQ, B005J4OCQ0, B005J4OCLK, B005J4OC4W, B005J4OBYS, B005J4OBTI, B005J4OBQ6, B005J4OBKW, B005J4OBJ8, B005J4OBFW, B005J4OB4I, B00OA3FU58, B00OA3F8SM, B00OA3FMB0, B00OA3G1EC, B00OA3FYWC, B00OA3FWBK, B00OA3FTHW, B00OA3FPA8, B00OA3FGMK, B00OA3FJVS, B00OA3ETE6, B00OA3EQBW, B00OA3ENEM, B00OA3EKAO, B00OA3EGY4, B00OA3EDN8, B00OA3EA36, B00OA3E6YY, B01BSOUTMU, B01BSOUOLG, B01BSOUSCG, B01BSOUR4K, B01BSOUQ2S, B01BSOUP0Q, B01BSOUNRQ, B01BSOUMK4, B01BSOUJ8O, B01BSOUI12, B01BSOUH04 and B01BSOUFVK. Afterwards, Amazon took down the respective products. These products are compatible with the aforementioned OEM HP cartridge models and provide inter alia a non-OEM housing and a non-OEM force receiving device according to claim 1 of EP '289. Furthermore, they comprise an elastic portion according to claim 2 of EP '289.


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