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December 19, 2019
Canon Inc.

Canon develops video-analysis technology that utilizes deep learning to count crowds, with ability to count several thousand people in real-time

TOKYO, December 19, 2019—Canon Inc. announced today that the company has developed video-analysis technology that utilizes deep learning to determine in real-time the number of people in video footage captured by network cameras.

Screenshot of the crowd counting technology in use

Screenshot of the crowd counting technology in use

Conceptual diagram of analysis using deep learning

Conceptual diagram of analysis using deep learning

In recent years, there has been a trend towards increasing use of network camera video for such applications as crime and disaster prevention, determining congestion levels and marketing. There is also a growing need worldwide to monitor crowd levels at large-scale events in order to facilitate efficient security operations and smooth flow of visitors.

Until recently, it has been difficult to accurately count dense crowds of people using human body or face-detection technology due to such cases as subjects' bodies overlapping or heads turned away from cameras. However, Canon has overcome such difficulties with the development of video analysis technology that utilizes deep learning.

Canon's people counter technology detects the heads of people in video footage from network cameras or recorded video from video management software, making possible people counting even in densely crowded spaces. The software can also count the number of people in user-specified areas and display graphs to illustrate crowd movements, providing valuable data for determining congestion levels or analyses. In addition, compatible wide-angle cameras offer greater freedom of installation. What's more, because this technology can be operated by a consumer-grade PC without a graphics processing unit (GPU), the cost of installation and operation can be significantly reduced.

This technology is ideal for efficient, data-driven planning and placement of security personnel when monitoring such locations as urban areas, public facilities and stadiums. It also enables a wide range of additional use cases, including determining the number of customers at an event venue or inside a store, or measuring the efficacy of such advertising strategies as digital signage.

By providing video analytics solutions that combine high-image-quality and high-resolution network camera video with video analysis technology, Canon contributes to the building of safer and more secure societies.

Canon sales companies in other countries and regions offer this technology under the name "Crowd People Counter."

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