September 22, 2019
Canon Inc.

Replay Rugby World Cup 2019™ from exciting new angles! Free Viewpoint Video now available on Canon's comprehensive sports site

With Rugby World Cup kicking off on September 20, Canon Inc. will create highlight footage using the company's Free Viewpoint Video System for the seven matches set to take place at International Stadium Yokohama.

Free Viewpoint Video of the New Zealand v South Africa that took place on September 21 is now available on Canon's comprehensive sports site, Canon Sports Website.

Canon Free Viewpoint Video allows you to see footage from viewpoints and angles not possible with conventional cameras, enabling viewers to experience the match as if they were in the center or the field. Why not re-watch these highlights from exciting new angles and see what you can find?

Canon will roll out Free Viewpoint Video throughout the tournament.
* The Rugby World Cup 2019 Canon website is no longer available.

What is Canon Sports Website?

Canon supports the development of sport by introducing new products and technology, by supporting sports photographers and TV crews, by sponsoring sporting events, and through corporate sports initiatives. To that end, Canon has set up its comprehensive sports site to introduce these activities in one place.

Canon has also released a video showcasing the company's vision for its Stadium Imaging Solutions, which expand the boundaries of sports spectating, protect the safety and security of stadiums, contribute to smooth management of events and support training and improved performance for athletes. Beyond just revolutionizing sports for spectators, Canon imaging solutions are transforming the sports world for all kinds of people, from management staff to athletes.

The landing page of Canon's Comprehensive Sports Site

The landing page of Canon's comprehensive sports site (URL:

A still from the Stadium Imaging Solutions video

Stadium Imaging Solutions video
*The Stadium Imaging Solution video is no longer available.

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