September 27, 2019
Canon Inc.

Canon to support news media at Rugby World Cup 2019™,
Announces on-location services for pro photographers

Canon is an official sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2019.

Through the years, Canon has provided behind-the-scenes support, including camera and lens maintenance, for on-location press and media professionals at sporting events all over the world.

A camera service booth inside the stadium(Sep. 20, Tokyo)

A camera service booth inside the stadium
(Sep. 20, Tokyo)

Several photographers visit a camera service booth(Sep. 20 Tokyo)

Several photographers visit a camera service booth
(Sep. 20 Tokyo)

Throughout Rugby World Cup 2019, to be held from September 20 to November 2, Canon will be operating camera service booths during each of the 48 total matches to be held at the 12 match venues. Fully leveraging its rights as an official sponsor, Canon will operate these service booths with the aim of achieving "zero downtime."

At Tokyo Stadium, which will host the opening match, the Canon service booth will be established in a location easily accessible by professional photographers. In doing so, Canon will be able to provide fast maintenance and repair services so that photographers' work is unhindered by equipment troubles.

Camera service counters will prepare equipment including high-end professional cameras and super-telephoto lenses. At each match, including the thrilling final match to be held on November 2, CPS counters will employ approximately 30 highly skilled and experienced technicians from around the world to support professional photographers aiming to capture decisive moments.

A Canon broadcast lens in action(Sep. 21, Yokohama)

A Canon broadcast lens in action
(Sep. 21, Yokohama)

Canon will also closely support for television broadcast clients at each match venue by providing such services as emergency lens repairs and lens rentals, enabling our customers to achieve peace of mind and concentrate on delivering immersive content to their audiences.

Leveraging the expertise cultivated over our long history, Canon will strive to continue providing flexible and reliable support for professionals, including photographers and broadcast network staff, to meet their wide-ranging needs and respond to any equipment-related problems.

Camera maintenance operations(Sep. 20, Tokyo)

Camera maintenance operations
(Sep. 20, Tokyo)

A technician repairs a broadcast lens(Sep. 21, Yokohama)

A technician repairs a broadcast lens
(Sep. 21, Yokohama)

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