Sociocultural Support Activities
Approach/Policy/Promotion System

Basic Approach

Contributing to society through business activities has been the ethos underpinning our corporate culture ever since Canon was founded. Based on this thinking, in the important field of social contribution activities, we are engaged in educational and sociocultural support activities that use the technologies Canon has cultivated over many years in the Imaging Group and the Printing Group, and participate in projects that provide medical services to impoverished regions, drawing on the technologies of the Medical Group. These activities are instrumental to four industry-oriented groups we have positioned as means of boosting our competitiveness in the key strategies under our medium- to long-term management plan. Canon is leveraging the technology and knowledge cultivated through these businesses to help bring about the sustainable development of regional communities.

Furthermore, we support the Children’s Rights and Business Principles formulated by UNICEF jointly with the United Nations Global Compact and Save the Children. In support of the next generation, Canon is engaged in activities to help protect the rights of children.


Based on the Canon Group CSR Activity Policy, we are engaged in activities that support the arts, culture and sports; in providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief; and in activities that enrich local communities while also taking care of the global environment. Under this policy, we are developing sociocultural support activities across the Canon Group by leveraging the Group’s strengths in terms of advanced technological capabilities, global business development expertise, and diverse, specialized human resources.

Canon Group CSR Activity Policy

Promotion System

The Sustainability Headquarters at Canon Inc. oversees and promotes sociocultural activities across the entire Canon Group. The Group Executive for Sustainability Headquarters, who is an executive officer of Canon Inc., reports important matters periodically to the Chairman & CEO and Executive Vice President for approval.

Moreover, staff in charge of social contribution activities at Group companies around the world regularly share information on such matters, while we actively use our intranet and social media platforms to share with employees information on Group activities, action on the SDGs, and other related topics to promote sociocultural support activities across the Group.