Occupational Safety and Health Management
Approach/Promotion System/Targets

Basic Approach

Based on the principle that “management without safety is not management,” the safety and health of employees forms the foundation of business activities at Canon.

Moreover, in line with the “Health First” principle, we take a proactive stance on the promotion of health management to ensure employees stay healthy in body and mind.

Promotion System

Canon has established the Central Safety and Health Committee as its highest body overseeing safety and health activities. Chaired by the CFO of Canon Inc., the committee establishes its central activity policies and plans for safety and health, while labor and management also work together to promote the elimination of occupational accidents, the maintenance and improvement of health, traffic safety, fire and disaster prevention, and the creation of pleasant workplaces.

In line with labor agreements, management also works with unions to ensure working conditions are safe for employees.

Canon Inc. and Group companies in Japan have established safety and health teams at each operational site, and set targets based on the situation at each site in line with the policies of the Central Safety and Health Committee, to build healthy and safe work environments for all workers, including those of contractors. We also hold health and safety conferences with contractors to maintain and improve health and safety on site.

We are applying an integrated approach across the Group’s overseas production sites, while taking into consideration the specific circumstances of each region and Group company.

Priority Targets and Initiatives

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

Canon strives to create workplaces that are safe and secure. Canon Inc. and Group companies in Japan have worked on the following priority targets and initiatives.

Priority Targets for 2023

  1. Eliminate all types of machinery-related accidents (0 cases)

  2. Eliminate accidents caused by highly hazardous chemical substances (0 cases)

Priority Initiatives

  1. Canon Group Occupational Safety and Health Management System

  2. Risk assessments

  3. Enhanced employee OSH awareness

Health Management

Canon Inc. and Group companies in Japan have declared their commitment to addressing the following priority targets and initiatives through the Central Safety and Health Committee. Health care initiatives carried out in collaboration with the health insurance union include long-term health targets and measures formulated in line with health care plans based on an analysis of medical cost and diagnostic data.

The Central Safety and Health Committee Medium-Term Plan (2022-2024)

Priority Targets

  1. Reduce number of lost work days

  2. Reduce presenteeism*

  3. Reduce number of people at high risk

  4. Reduce number of people with metabolic syndrome

  5. Establish practice of taking cancer screening tests


  1. Mental health-related measures

  2. Lifestyle disease prevention

  3. Improving health literacy

  4. COVID-19 response

  • * Decrease in productivity when an employee comes to work with health issues

Numbers and Frequency of Occupational Accidents (Data Summary)