Enhancing Brand ValueEnhancing Brand Value

Canon Design

Corporate image is not limited to products and services;
the impressions made by advertising and publicity also play a role in its formation.
Through the proposal of new value and the creation of high-quality designs in harmony with all corporate initiatives through which Canon engages with its customers, Canon Design contributes to boosting the company’s brand value.

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Design for Product Quality

Canon offers a diverse product portfolio that includes not only a broad lineup of cameras, video camcorders and inkjet printers for both professional and general users, but also a wide range of office-use products, such as copying machines and projectors, as well as industrial products like medical equipment and semiconductor lithography systems. The company also offers web services that provide users with additional ways to enjoy photography.

Aiming to deliver optimal ease of use across a range of usage scenarios, Canon surveys and analyzes customer usage environments, needs and preferences, while focusing on appealing designs that enhance user convenience.

Design in Corporate Activities

Aside from products, design also plays an essential role in such areas as Canon’s environmental initiatives, CSR activities and recruiting efforts.

The messages that the company issues, both to customers and employees, must communicate and be easy to understand—yet another indispensable role of design.

Design for Tomorrow

What will our world look like five or ten years from now? What changes can we expect to see in the workplace and in our lifestyles? And how will design influence these developments? Canon Design envisions future scenarios and proposes products and services that embody their vision, another important job that is essential for the future of Canon.


Study-Abroad Program for Engineers

As part of the company’s R&D globalization efforts, Canon offers a study-abroad program for its engineers. The Canon Design Center also sends company designers overseas on this program. As a result, overseas-study experiences are being put to substantial use in the design development process.


Design Awards

The Canon Design Center proactively participates in design competitions both in Japan and overseas and has been recognized with Good Design Awards, iF Design Awards and numerous other awards. The opportunity to have designs evaluated by knowledgeable outside authorities not only enhances the quality of Canon designs, but also leads to the growth of the company’s designers.

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