Canon Visual Overview - Research and Development -

Canon’s technology is the source of our competitiveness. Learn how Canon R&D produces never-before-seen innovations and creates products and services used around the world.

Created : September 2019    03'54''
Updated : August 2020

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Canon Visual Overview - Four New Businesses -

With a focus on future growth, Canon is concentrating on four new businesses. Find out how we’re making inroads and raising brand awareness in markets holding the promise of future growth.

Created :
September 2019
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Tsuzuri Project: Bringing an Epic Tale to Life: "Battles of Ichi-no-tani and Yashima, from the Tale of the Heike"

A documentary movie of the Tsuzuri Project work "Battles of Ichi-no-tani and Yashima, from the Tale of the Heike," the original of which is in the collection of the British Museum. It depicts battle scenes from the Genpei War in exquisite detail. With the help of the British Museum, Canon created and donated a high-resolution facsimile of the work to the Tokyo National Museum, making it possible for its visitors to experience the famous scenes.

Created :
October 2018
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