MREAL innovates your business

Canon's new technology has made MREAL Head Mounted Display smaller, thinner and lighter.You can use it indoor-outdoor and integrate 3D CG with reality in various business sites.

Created : January 2021    02'30''

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The evolution of MREAL

With higher definition and a clearer, wider field of view, Canon MREAL will revolutionize your business.

Created :
August 2016
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Exciting Prospects for CMOS Sensors

As a leading digital imaging company, Canon continues to use its proprietary technology to challenge the limits of CMOS sensors. This video introduces new prospects in imaging made possibly by ultra-high-sensitivity sensors, which can capture vivid video by moonlight as if it were midday, and ultra-high-pixel-count sensors with approximately 250 million pixels.

Created :
January 2017
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