Industrial equipment

Canon’s advanced industrial equipment meets the needs of semiconductor and display panel manufacturers, helping connect IT to everyday life

Incorporating proprietary technologies and industry-leading innovations, Canon industrial equipment meets the needs of manufacturing sites that produce such vital components of smartphones, personal computers and other IT devices as semiconductors and display panels.
One such example is Organic LED panel manufacturing equipment—a field where Canon leads production. The mass production systems developed by Canon Group company Canon Tokki are the industry standard, ensuring high productivity for panel manufacturers and contributing to the worldwide growth of this exciting display technology.
In the field of semiconductor production, nanoimprint lithography equipment promises both extreme miniaturization and high productivity. Unlike conventional lithography technology which uses light to expose circuit patterns, nanoimprint lithography physically presses circuit patterns etched on a mask onto the resin. Canon has been working with the American company Molecular Imprints—now Canon Nanotechnologies, a Canon Group company—to commercialize new mass production systems that are expected to revolutionize the semiconductor industry.
Canon also develops and produces 3-D machine vision systems that employ three-dimensional recognition of objects to facilitate the automation and acceleration of production lines for parts feeding. In such ways, our industrial equipment is revolutionizing the manufacturing workplace.