Special movie "Boat Race Kabuki"
Utilizes volumetric video technology

December 4, 2023

Canon's volumetric video technology was used in the special movie "Boat Race Kabuki" released by the BOAT RACE Promotion Association.

"Boat Race Kabuki" is a 3DCG video that combines boat racing and Kabuki, and is based on the story of the Kabuki play "Gojo Bridge". By utilizing volumetric video technology, the race and battle scenes between Ushiwakamaru (Kamio Fuju) and Musashibo Benkei (Nakamura Shido) are so powerful that you feel as if they are unfolding right in front of your eyes.

battle scene

shooting scene

The special movie "Boat Race Kabuki" will be released on the following dates.(Japan time)

〇 Trailer: December 4th (Monday)
〇 Main story: December 14th (Thursday)

Here is the trailer▼

Here is the main story▼

Canon Volumetric Video