Stadium&Arena Features

Introducing Canon‘s volumetric video for Stadium & Arena.

Record of shooting at stadiums & arenas


Stadium & Arena


Saitama Studium 2002(JPN), International Studium Yokohama(JPN), Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium(JPN)


International Studium Yokohama(JPN), Tokyo Stadium(JPN)


Barclays Center(USA)、Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse(USA)


Tokyo Dome(JPN)

Overview of stadium & arena specifications

  • Installation of temporary for each event and permanent throughout the season.
  • Examples of installation locations * Flexible response depending on venue
    • Camera:Ceiling, Catwalk, Pillars
    • Video generation server:Room、Van
  • Support to display of Audience seats, large vision, center hang, electronic advertising

Features of the stadium & arena

  • High image quality using more than 100 specialized 4K cameras.
  • Capable for fast-moving sports by 60fps synchronous capturing.
  • Support for live broadcast of sports by high-speed processing of large volume data.
  • Provides live multi-stream with a 3-second delay.
  • Provides footage for instant and highlight replays.

Canon Volumetric Video