Human Rights and LaborOccupational Safety and Health Support

We pursue initiatives aimed at improving occupational safety and health so employees can feel safe and secure in their work environment.

Policy and Structure

At Canon, the safety and health of employees form the foundation of our business activities. Adhering to the principle of “management without safety is not management,” labor and management work hand in hand to support safety and health. In line with this principle, we have established detailed rules and regulations regarding occupational safety and health (OSH), which are also reflected in agreements with labor unions.

Canon has established the Central Safety and Health Committee as its highest body overseeing safety and health. Chaired by the senior executive in charge of OSH, the committee establishes policies and plans regarding safety and health primarily at Group companies within Japan, while also promoting the elimination of occupational accidents, the maintenance and improvement of health, traffic safety, fire and disaster prevention, and the creation of pleasant workplaces. Overseas, mostly at production bases in Asia, we conduct safety and health activities with consideration given to specific circumstances in each region and at each company.

Occupational Safety

Creating Workplaces Where Employees Feel Safe and Secure

Canon Inc. and Group companies in Japan strive to create workplaces that are safe and secure. Currently, we are working on the following priority initiatives.

Priority Initiatives for 2018

  1. Entrench the Canon Group Occupational Safety and Health Management System
  2. Promote greater machine safety
  3. Prevent accidents through enhanced promotion of risk assessment

Entrenching the Canon Group Occupational Safety and Health Management System

We are expanding the Canon Group Occupational Safety and Health Management System in an effort to promote autonomous safety and health activities at each of our operational sites in Japan. System requirements are based on the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) of the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA) and reflect Canon's standards and rules.

Canon Group companies in Japan that employ the system are working to cultivate best practices across all sites based on reciprocal supervision as well as develop measures to tackle a variety of issues.

Promoting Greater Machine Safety

We carefully conduct risk assessments, centered primarily on production bases in Japan, according to Canon's uniform standards. Based on the results, we conduct follow-up checks with the aim of reducing residual risk. We are particularly focused on eliminating serious machinery-related accidents.

OSH representatives also conduct a training program for machinery and equipment technology to deepen employee understanding of production machinery and encourage workplaces to promote safer practices together. In addition, we take measures to mitigate accident risks, such as mechanical countermeasures and conducting orientation training.

Preventing Accidents Through Enhanced Promotion of Risk Assessment

Canon's repeated risk assessments centered on its production bases in Japan enables us to identify operations with a high risk of injury, illness or accident. By taking appropriate measures to mitigate risk and manage residual risks, Canon endeavors to prevent occupational accidents.

To ensure that risk assessments are carried out properly, workplace managers and people in charge of operations and risk assessments undergo training to learn and enhance their understanding of assessment methods according to Canon's uniform standards. By making regular visits to worksites and reviewing assessments, we work to maintain and enhance the risk management system.

To prevent the risk of illness arising from work that involves exposure to chemical substances, we have established specific procedures for handling chemicals in routine manufacturing operations. We have also introduced a system that achieves uniform standards across the Group for the management of chemical substances, and we strive to ensure they are managed properly at all times.

In addition, for tasks involving heavy manual labor, we have rules for worker safety that place limits on maximum permitted physical loads.

Initiatives to Improve Safety and Health at Overseas Group Companies

Canon is working to implement an occupational safety and health management system overseas, mainly at its production bases, on the same level as in Japan.

Three companies—Canon Zhuhai, Inc., Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd., and Canon Opto (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.— have adopted an occupational safety and health management system based on the international standard OHSAS* 18001.

  • *OHSAS: Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series

Health Support

Health Management Based on the “Health First” Principle

Canon believes that initiatives based on the “health first” principle can help individual members of the workforce reach their full potential. We therefore consider such initiatives a driving force for generating positive results, and systematically promote physical health-support measures.

We conduct various types of medical check-ups and stress checks in line with government regulations. We have established the Group's internal standards for post-examination measures, and conduct individual follow-up checks as well. To prevent overwork, we coordinate with the health support department and human resources department on appropriate management of working hours. All employees with potential health issues have consultations with and receive instruction from a doctor according to certain standards, and we strive to prevent health issues or respond to them as soon as possible when they occur.

Employees of Canon Inc. and Canon Group companies in Japan have access to a website that brings together a range of health-related information. We also actively collaborate with the Health Insurance Union on effective measures to deal with medical fees, with a focus on preventing progression of lifestyle diseases.

Canon Inc. and Group companies in Japan are working on the following priority initiatives.

Four Key Items of Our Medium-Term Plan

  1. Education and awareness activities for all employees by age group
  2. Mental health-related measures
  3. Measures against lifestyle diseases
  4. Cancer-related measures (early detection and treatment of cancer, regular review of diagnostic systems to ensure effectiveness)

Education and Awareness Activities for All Employees by Age Group

As an awareness-raising and educational activity tailored to different age groups, Canon Inc. provides health-related information every month on the company intranet for all employees. The information includes e-learning and individual mails to raise awareness, and is targeted at specific age groups. We also conduct campaigns to promote nutrition, exercise, and rest.

Measures for Achieving Mental Health Through Self-Care

To promote comprehensive mental health measures in Japan, Canon conducts a variety of programs. These incorporate four care guidelines: self-care, care from workplace supervisors, care from occupational health staff, and care from organizations outside Canon. The programs also promote three prevention guidelines: primary prevention, (preventing illness and improving health), secondary prevention (early detection and appropriate treatment), and tertiary prevention (support for return to work, prevention of recurrence). In recent years, we have conducted stress checks and focused attention on employee and manager education and the training of occupational healthcare staff, including human resource staff members.

Measures to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases or Prevent Their Progression

Canon Inc. and Canon Group companies in Japan carry out lifestyle interviews during regular annual medical examinations with the aim of preventing lifestyle diseases. Based on the results of these checks, we have set improvement targets for each company in order to help employees improve their health and prevent the progression of lifestyle diseases that may already be present.

Cancer-Related Measures in Cooperation with Canon Health Insurance Union

Canon works together with the Canon Health Insurance Union based on the three prevention guidelines and strives to raise awareness of cancer screening and to maintain an environment that makes it easy for employees to undergo screening.

Expansion of Health Management Programs at Group Companies Outside Japan

Canon conducts various health management programs at its Group companies outside Japan as part of its health promotion initiatives for employees. Each Group company also actively conducts its own initiatives suited to its characteristics and needs.