Universal Design at Canon

Universal Design Guide

This guide organizes issues that may arise when customers use our products. It is intended to be used internally to help developers engage in product development that is always based on insights from the customer's perspective. Canon will continue to pursue value for our customers.

The Body and Movement

Too High to Reach / Too Low to Reach or Unable to Bend Over / One-Handed Operation / Unable to Lift Arms / Cane or Crutch Users / Unable to Use Fingertips or Perform Fine Movements / Slippery Hands / Unable to Move Quickly or Steadily / Lack of Physical Strength / Insufficient Space for Movement

Sight and Hearing

Blurred Vision / Unable or Difficult to See / Difficult to See at a Distance / Difficulty viewing small text or numbers / Narrow Field of View / Unable to Tell Apart / Hearing Difficulties / Unable to Speak


Unable to Concentrate / Unable to Recognize Mistakes / Unable to Get Expected Results / Unable to Remember How to Use a Product / Figuring Out How a Product Works Takes Too Long / Unable to Identify Controls / Unable to Understand Causes and Effects / Environmental Distractions / Miss Situational Information


Anxieties about Surroundings / Frustration