The Body and Movement

These are design factors related to the user's physical condition and movement. This section focuses on problems that any person may encounter in their daily life.

Too High to Reach

This impacts people shorter in stature, children, wheelchair users, and elderly people. Products must be designed so that anyone can reach their controls.

Too Low to Reach or Unable to Bend Over

A crouched posture is undesirable because it places significant stress on the body. Therefore, products must be designed so the user can use them while standing whenever possible.

One-Handed Operation

When making copies, office users may be holding documents in one hand and convenience-store users may be holding their wallet in one hand. And there are situations where users want to take a picture while holding an umbrella. Therefore, it is important to design products that can be operated with just one hand.

Unable to Lift Arms

Lifting heavy objects above the shoulders is hard for everyone. Moreover, some users may not be able to lift their arms due to injury. Therefore, products must be designed to be at an optimal operating height and to require as little operational force as possible.

Cane or Crutch Users

Canes are widely used as walking aids and crutches are often used by people with bone fractures or other leg injuries. To accommodate these users, it is important that products can be operated with one hand.

Unable to Use Fingertips or Perform Fine Movements

Product designs must accommodate users wearing gloves, users with injured fingertips, and users with long nails by not requiring extra fine movements to operate the product.

Slippery Hands

It is important to design handheld products to provide a firm grip so they are not easily dropped.

Unable to Move Quickly or Steadily

Users may not be capable of steady movements due to the environment or their physical condition. Therefore, products must be designed without users having to make fine or precise movements or quick movements.

Lack of Physical Strength

The physical arm and leg strength of users varies widely depending on the individual. Product controls must be designed so they can be operated easily with a minimum amount of strength.

Insufficient Space for Movement

Users cannot exert their full strength without sufficient space to move their bodies. Therefore, it is important to design products that leave enough space for users to operate or manipulate the product.