Universal Design at Canon

Our Approach

The universal design we, at Canon, strive to achieve is designing products that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can use comfortably. We work toward universal design by anticipating the many different situational issues customers may encounter while using our products and devising as many solutions to these issues as possible.

Action Guidelines

Ease of use in every aspect Beginning with a complete understanding of customers' usage scenarios, we use every means in our designs to provide usability suitable for the customers' usage objectives and situations.
CAim for products and services that people want to use We seek out and generate innovative ideas that go beyond mere improvements in order to create products and services that customers naturally want to use.
Put the latest technologies to use We take advantage of Canon's most advanced technologies to enhance customer convenience and realize richer and more comfortable living and working conditions.


Since our founding, at Canon we have been dedicated to the development of technology that helps improve and enrich people's lives.

Our ideals are solidified under Canon's corporate philosophy of kyosei, which we define as: “All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future."

Our customer base has become increasingly diverse in recent years, as aging populations become a social issue in many countries and as even young children master the use of smart devices with the advancement of IT technology.

The universal design concept, which seeks ease of use for people of all abilities, fits perfectly with our kyosei philosophy