Environmental Targets and Achievements

Canon Group Lifecycle GHG Emissions in 2018 (CO2 Equivalent)

Canon takes account of environmental impacts at each stage of the product lifecycle and works to reduce them. This applies not just to our own development, production and marketing activities but also includes the production of raw materials and components by suppliers, the transport of products to retail outlets, and even customer use, disposal and recycling.

Canon Group Lifecycle GHG Emissions

Overall Target

Lifecycle CO2 Emissions Improvement Index per Product

Lifecycle CO2 Emissions Improvement Index per Product

To gauge our progress in reducing these impacts over the entire product lifecycle, we convert each type of environmental impact to CO2 equivalents, and, using these as benchmarks, we set an overall target for our Medium-Term Environmental Targets to achieve an average improvement of 3% per year in the lifecycle CO2 emissions improvement index per product.

In 2018, we achieved our target of improving lifecycle CO2 emissions per product by average 3% per year, recording an average improvement of 5.0% (2008–2018) thanks to the ongoing efforts of our business units throughout the entire product lifecycle. This represents an improvement of 37.7% compared to 2008.

We have broken down the overall target into product targets and operational site targets. We have established a product target of average 3% improvement per year in the raw materials & usage CO2 emissions improvement index per product, and operational sites have unit improvement targets covering energy consumption, total waste generation, water usage, and emission of controlled chemical substances. We continue working toward these targets.

The individual environmental targets and achievements are here.