Tackling environmental issues through WIPO GREEN activities

Canon is a partner in WIPO GREEN, a platform run by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to promote the use of environmentally friendly technology. In cooperation with WIPO, we contribute to the diffusion of green technology.


The WIPO GREEN platform was established in 2013 with the aim of catalyzing green technology innovation and diffusion. It supports global efforts to combat climate change, and to promote food security and the environment by connecting parties involved in environmentally friendly innovation through its databases and networks. The WIPO GREEN database contains more than 120,000 technologies and needs (as of October 2021) provided by partner companies around the world.


Canon IP's approach to environmental issues

In line with our corporate philosophy of kyosei, Canon has been promoting environmental initiatives under our "Action for Green" environmental vision. We have been participating in WIPO GREEN since December 2019 as a partner company as part of our support and contribution from an intellectual property perspective to solving environmental problems. Canon has registered 32 patents (as of October2021) in the WIPO GREEN database, including technologies related to bioplastics and recycled plastics, as well as technologies related to fuel cells. We plan to expand the number of registered technologies in the future.

We hope that Canon's technologies will be used by companies and individuals who need technologies related to environmental conservation, leading to solutions for environmental problems.

Examples of technology registered in the WIPO GREEN database [Japan Patent No.5279966]

In the past, it was difficult to obtain molded products using recovered resin with the same strength and flame retardancy as molded products made from virgin resin. By adding a small amount of a rubber component and a drip-preventing agent to recovered material (polycarbonate resin and ABS resin alloy resin), this invention makes it possible to recover the properties of recycled resin so that the difference between it and virgin resin becomes small in terms of strength and flame retardancy.

Examples of technology registered in the WIPO GREEN database