Canon Intellectual Property

Basic Concept of IP Activities

Canon's growth as an R&D-led company is grounded in its development of new markets and customer segments by using original technologies to create high-quality products and services that are differentiated and attractive. Against this backdrop, Canon's intellectual property activities emphasize supporting business development. In order to support the development of our business, Canon's IP Division formulates and pursues IP strategies that look ahead to the next 10-20 years while anticipating emerging trends.
While we do not change our basic approach to IP activities, we modify our tactics in order to keep up with the changing times.

Integrating IP Activities

Canon is distinguished by the fact that our intellectual property activities permeate the entire company. Canon has a tradition of appointing executives with a background in IP, which means that intellectual property activities are firmly integrated and their significance is well understood throughout the company. As a result, our IP Division is able to work closely not only with R&D but with all divisions, from production to marketing, in promoting related activities.
With all divisions acting as a team to create and protect intellectual property, Canon is able to carry out world-class IP activities.

IP Management System

In Canon Group, Canon Inc. works with Group companies (Sales companies and R&D companies) to formulate a set of global management rules, specifying matters such as roles and responsibilities in the handling of intellectual property and procedures for setting IP policy.
This approach enables us to coordinate IP activities across the group and collaborate as needed in legal proceedings and licensing activities. By working together we make effective use of Canon Group's patents and strive to maximize profits by optimizing the patent portfolio.

*IP activities by Canon USA and Canon Europe can be found here.

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