Committee activities and opinion sharing of executives of corporate organizations

Kenichi Nagasawa, Head of Corporate Intellectual Property and Legal Headquarters Managing Executive Officer, Canon Inc., holds positions in a number of organizations in the intellectual property industry, including as Chairman, Sub-Committee on Policy Planning, Committee on Intellectual Property of Keidanren, Vice Chairperson of the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA), and President of the Licensing Executives Society JAPAN. In addition, Hideki Sanatake, Deputy Group Executive Corporate Intellectual Property and Legal Headquarters Executive Officer, Canon Inc., is the Chairman of the Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association (JBMIA) IP Committee, and Osamu Iketa, Senior General Manager Corporate Intellectual Property and Legal Headquarters, Canon Inc., serves as Vice President of the Japan Intellectual Property Association and Chairman of the Expert Committee on Intellectual Property Rights Issues of the Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment. In this way, they are actively taking responsibility of executive positions of intellectual property-related organizations. Through these organizations, they are striving to develop the global IP ecosystem, and promote Japanese industry as a whole, by conveying their opinions to the Government of Japan and the world as representatives of Japanese corporate organizations.

This willingness to actively serve as executives of intellectual property-related organizations is not confined to Japan. Matthew Hitching, Senior Director and Head of IP at Canon Europe in the UK, has accepted the role of President of the IP Federation and is working hard to improve the IP framework in Europe and beyond. In addition, members of the Intellectual Property division around the world are participating in the committees of various intellectual property-related organizations and are making efforts to contribute to committee activities. It is through the committee activities of these organizations that we spread our own built-up knowledge, while expanding our networks of contacts in the intellectual property industry, and build relationships that enable us to share various information with other companies.

(As of November 30, 2022)