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High-Resolution FPD Lithography Equipment for High-Definition Generation 6 Panels (Size 1,500 x 1,850 mm)

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Basic Information

Model Name: MPAsp-E903T


Highest Panel-Process Resolution Among FPD Lithography Systems*

The MPAsp-E903T is the first FPD lithography system to feature a deep ultra-violet (DUV) broadband light source.
The new system utilizes ultra-violet wavelength exposure light that is shorter than the wavelength of conventional ultraviolet light used previously in FPD lithography systems.
Thanks to the newly developed projection optical system, the MPAsp-E903T enables patterning resolution of 1.2 µm.
1.0 µm resolution may also be achievable by applying resolution enhancement techniques such as an ultra-high-resolution phase shift mask (PSM).
Canon’s new FPD lithography systems help improve resolution of high-definition displays.

  • * Among FPD lithography systems. As of November 16, 2020. Based on Canon research.

Exposure Flexibility

In addition to the new projection optical system and new illumination system, the MPAsp-E903T features new exposure modes that allow illumination condition optimization for efficient reproduction of various circuit patterns.
The MPAsp-E903T shares features with MPAsp-E813H FPD lithography including photomask size and interface. When used together, these FPA lithography systems can help manufacturers create efficient and flexible display production lines that can be optimized for each process step.

Overlay Improvement

Careful system design, component layout and an improved temperature control system help the MPAsp-E903T achieve overlay accuracy of ± 0.25 µm.
MPAsp-E903T lithography systems are designed to provide improvements in patterning resolution, exposure flexibility, overlay accuracy and cost-of-ownership to help enable production of next-generation, high-definition displays on Generation 6 panels.



Resolution 1.2 µm (L/S), 1.5µm (C.H.)
Overlay Accuracy ± 0.25 µm
Projection Optical System Reflection Projection Optical System
Reduction Ratio 1:1
Plate Size 1,500 mm x 1,850 mm
Main Body Dimensions (W) 8,000 x (D) 11,280 x (H) 6,400 mm



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