Environmental Data

Environmental Data Summary

We report Canon's Environmental performance data.

Environmental Performance Data

CO2Data on CO2 , Data on Energy, Data on Waste, Atmospheric Emissions, Data on Water Resources, Data on Chemical Substances, Environmental Accounting, List of ISO14001 Certified Sites and Subsidiaries (Canon Group Consolidated)

Environmental Performance Data (111KB)

Hazardous Waste (waste oil,waste acid, waste alkali ), Total water withdrawal data by source, Total water discharge data by destination

Detailed Data (148KB)

Product Standards Compliance

Product Standards Compliance (231KB)

ISO 14001 Certifications

Reporting about ISO14001 Certified Sites and Subsidiaries (Canon Group Consolidated)

Canon has since 1995 been creating environmental management systems (EMSs) and acquiring ISO 14001 certification at individual operational sites around the world. However, because of a lack of standardization in rules and in the overall orientation of EMSs, we needed a system we could gather environmental information from each operational site of the group, and make and communicate appropriate decisions. For this reason, we launched an attainment of consolidated certification in 2005. And as of 2022, we achieved the consolidated certification at our operational sites, manufacturing and marketing subsidiaries in 40 countries and regions around the world.

List of ISO14001 Certified Sites and Subsidiaries (Canon Group Consolidated) [176KB]

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