Policy / Basic Approach

Biodiversity Policy

Canon recognizes biodiversity as essential for a sustainable society. We carry out various activities to conserve and protect biodiversity under our Biodiversity Policy, which applies to the entire Canon Group.

Basic Policy

Canon fully recognizes biodiversity as an important basis for a sustainable society, and promotes activities that contribute to biodiversity conservation.

Action Guidelines
  • Canon strives to conserve biodiversity with consideration for various regional characteristics from a global perspective.
  • Canon actively works to reduce the impact on biodiversity associated with various business activities, and to conduct social-contribution activities that lead to biodiversity conservation.
Specific Actions
  • “Utilization of Canon technologies and products for biodiversity conservation” Support for biodiversity conservation activities and projects
  • “Consideration for biodiversity centered on operational sites” Ascertaining the impact of our business activities on biodiversity, and conservation of animal and plant habitats around operational sites
  • “Contribution to the realization of a community rich in biodiversity” Promotion of biodiversity conservation activities and educational activities in collaboration with local communities
Initiatives to Support Continuous Use of Sustainable Forestry Resources

To help support biodiversity across the value chain, Canon promotes the use of sustainable forestry resources as the raw materials for the paper used in its products. Having established procurement policies favoring the purchase of paper products derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp in 2015, we sell office paper made under forest certification schemes or using environmentally conscious raw materials.

Basic Policy on the Procurement of Timber Products

1. Use sustainable forest materials

n its procurement of timber products, the Canon Group uses materials supplied from forest resources managed exclusively for use as timber products.

2. Trace the origin of forest resources used

We seek the cooperation of business partners to ensure the traceability of products throughout the manufacturing process, from the harvest of raw materials onward.

3. Confirm evidence of traceability

Canon works with its business partners to ensure the traceability of materials used in Canon products (or OEM products) and their packaging that are subject to timber product regulations in each country.

Canon Management Standards for Timber Products is here.

Canon Management Standards for Timber Products(20KB)

Canon believes that actions to conserve biodiversity will prevent the loss of economic activity, create jobs and business, and lead to the Group’s sustainable development. For this reason, we are making preparations to disclose relevant information in accordance with the framework of the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).