The network camera system that works behind the scenes to keep the zoo safe The network camera system that works behind the scenes to keep the zoo safe

Over 200 network cameras active at the historical zoo

The network camera system that works behind the scenes to keep the zoo safe

Home to over 4,000 animals, the Copenhagen Zoo is northern Europe’s oldest zoo at over 160 years old. Working behind the scenes to ensure the safety of these animals and sometimes up to 1.5 million visitors a year is a network camera system developed by the Canon Group.

March 28, 2024

Keeping the public recreational spot safe and secure

Copenhagen Zoo, located in the suburbs of Denmark’s capital city, is a historical zoo established in 1859. It is a beloved place for recreation and relaxation that saw over 1.5 million visitors a year at times.

One of the allures of Copenhagen Zoo is that it allows visitors and animals to come into very close proximity with each other. Such proximity underscores the necessity of safeguarding the safety and security of both parties. Monitoring the animals is also necessary outside zoo opening hours. Therefore, the zoo required a robust network camera system that was capable of 24-hour surveillance of animals with high-quality imaging. That is why they chose Canon Group’s rich network camera lineup and XProtect video management software.

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo

An emphasis on information system reliability

The zoo’s sprawling grounds mean that there are limits to the surveillance possible with human eyes alone. A network camera system is essential for safeguarding the peace and safety within.

Said Jørgen Zangenberg, the Head of IT of Copenhagen Zoo’s Security Department:
“Canon Group’s network cameras and video management software provide a nonstop, stable, and high-quality feed of footage that is secure from data breaches. This reliability is the biggest reason we chose the system and continue to use it.”

コペンハーゲン動物園 Jørgen Zangenbergさん

Jørgen Zangenberg, Head of IT, Copenhagen Zoo

Canon Group’s network camera system captures high-quality footage of locations all over the zoo under an integrated management system. The zoo's security team installed the current system about 7 years ago, counting from October 2023 when we interviewed them, and has expanded it since. The zoo that boasts 2.4 times the size of Tokyo Dome in Japan, now consists of over 200 network cameras in various locations.

Tough, durable camera bodies are a must for monitoring playful animals

Every now and then, a curious animal takes an interest in a camera and starts hitting or playing with it, which is why a tough, durable body is also a prerequisite for cameras tasked to monitor the zoo.

“Animals are strong. We need cameras that will not fall apart even if they are knocked around by a chimpanzee. The robustness and durability of Canon camera bodies is another reason why we continue to use them.”

As part of its stringent quality control, the Canon Group conducts repeated tests to check a camera’s durability. These simulate a variety of situations that the camera could possibly be subject to, such as:
- Fall impact tests, where metal weights are repeatedly dropped onto the camera from a height.
- Water pressure tests, where the camera is placed under high water pressure to test its water resistance.

Examples of durability testing

Examples of durability testing

Examples of durability testing

Canon Group’s network cameras are subject to these tests and inspections during their development process, which ensures that they not only are capable of stable video data transmission, but also score high on durability.

Reliable monitoring with 24-hour high-quality footage

There are many nocturnal animals at Copenhagen Zoo. Zoo staff also need to keep a close eye on animals that may show signs of illness or give birth at any time and respond in a timely manner. Therefore, the importance of a surveillance system that provides high-quality footage even at night or in a dark indoor environment.

“The information that we can obtain from the surveillance footage is crucial, especially for pregnant animals that require close monitoring.”

At the Copenhagen Zoo, the type of network camera installed corresponds to allowing the animals to be monitored in any environment.

A zookeeper uses XProtect to monitor animals

A zookeeper uses XProtect to monitor animals

The captured footage doesn’t just help the zookeepers. For example, the zoo’s livestream of a baby rhinoceros being born was extremely well received, garnering immense attention. The livestream was even picked up and featured on Danish public broadcasting.

Canon Group’s network camera system also watched the baby rhinoceros's birth moment

Canon Group’s network camera system also watched the baby rhinoceros's birth moment

Sustaining a safe environment for visitors and animals

Copenhagen Zoo’s network camera system plays an important role in ensuring that visitors remain safe even as they view the animals in proximity. The high-quality footage helps to stop accidents and mishaps before they happen, such as when visitors unknowingly wander into restricted areas and endanger themselves and the animals.

Throughout the zoo’s long history, keeping visitors and animals safe and secure has always been a key concern. Canon Group and zoo staff have built a mutually supportive relationship where they work closely together to achieve this goal with the aid of technology.

“Canon Group always responds swiftly and meticulously to our requirements. We hope that this relationship continues.”

Canon Group will continue to work with Copenhagen Zoo staff to safeguard the safety and security of both zoo animals and visitors.

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