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Network Cameras

Network cameras are increasingly being used in a range of fields beyond security, such as management and marketing.
Canon is working to develop solutions that create new value through such features as advanced video content analysis and the utilization of artificial intelligence.

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High-Resolution Network Camera Systems Meet the Need for Enhanced Security

Canon’s network camera systems, which combine cloud services and image analysis technologies, are helping to drive Canon’s business growth. Their use is expanding into a broad range of fields, from security systems for factories, warehouses, and stores to business solutions that analyze flows of people and physical objects for marketing research or to help boost productivity.

JAL Engineering Co., Ltd., which handles aircraft safety and quality control, adopted a Canon network camera system for the company’s hangar and facilities at Haneda Airport. Routine aircraft maintenance is conducted in the hangar, along with inspections carried out on an aircraft in the short period of time between its landing and next takeoff. Emergency repairs are also carried out there if a malfunction occurs. Previously, the company employed a monitoring system comprising 60–70 cameras to cover the hangar in which people, vehicles, and aircraft were in constant motion. However, due to increased security needs, they decided to upgrade to a system that offered higher resolution. Ko Misawa, in charge of the project, explains what his company needed in a new security system.

“To establish a higher level of safety management, we placed top priority on a system that would produce clear, sharp images. However, wiring issues meant it was not possible to place cameras everywhere in the hangar. To cover every part of the very large hangar, we needed advanced camera functionality that would be able to easily switch between zoom distances, change the direction of the lens and also produce clear images at night. What impressed us the most about the Canon system were models with 20x optical zoom that produces images so clear that it is possible to zoom in and recognize faces. We were also impressed with models that could produce distinct images even in the dark, and cameras that could capture ultra-wide angle shots, even in cramped spaces. Only a camera manufacturer, I felt, could offer such capabilities.”

The combination of lens and video technologies cultivated by Canon over its history make possible network cameras that provide high-resolution, high-definition images while maintaining a wide angle of view. The cameras also adjust for optimal shooting day or night, producing clear images from corner to corner.


Ko Misawa
Haneda Aircraft Maintenance Center JAL Engineering Co., Ltd.

Optimal Solutions with IT Integration to Cover Any Physical Space

In the process of introducing the new system, Canon’s team of engineers repeatedly inspected the physical location and held numerous meetings with the client.

“JAL Engineering had objectives and key locations where we wanted to improve monitoring. We explained these to the Canon team, and they set about designing a plan. It was difficult to place cameras in some spots, and wiring would not reach certain zones, but the engineers came up with workarounds for every situation and set up an extensive web of 128 network cameras. We are very proud of this security system that we built together with Canon.”

A further evolution was the addition of a high-capacity data management system.

“Thanks to cutting-edge data compression technologies, it is now possible to store video for long periods of time. If a problem occurs, we can now go back in time and view video in chronological order to thoroughly troubleshoot the issue.”

Canon has created a monitoring system that reduces the load on the network even when transmitting high-quality video, thanks to an image compression system that realizes high image quality with a high compression ratio. High compression reduces hard disk drive capacity requirements and makes it possible to store recorded video for a long time, enabling the high-volume storage of footage from multiple cameras.


Canon helps JAL optimize maintenance operations

Overcoming On-Site Challenges to Improve Operations—the Expanding Possibilities of Network Cameras

“When the completed system began operation, we witnessed improvements on the hangar floor,” says Misawa.

“Before, when an aircraft was late to arrive, no matter how many times contact was made with the aircraft, the waiting resulted in lost time at the hangar. After the system was introduced, it became possible to check a monitor and see the aircraft coming in or leaving in real time. Additionally, we could now confirm work progress using the cameras.”

The primary mission of maintenance crews is to complete the work properly and flawlessly in the limited time available.

“At JAL Engineering, we created the term ‘Zero Zero 100’ to represent our goal of zero irregular operations, zero in-flight malfunctions and 100% on-time departures. I feel that the system renewal has achieved improvements to that end in both security and productivity.”

Canon’s network camera system watches over the aircraft maintenance floor and helps to improve business operations. Using the power of cutting-edge technologies, Canon will continue promoting safety and security in a range of different fields.

Safety and Security through the Synergy of the Canon Group’s Cutting-edge Technologies

As part of a strategy to strengthen and broaden its network camera business, Canon has welcomed two major global players in the fields of network cameras and video management solutions into the Group—Axis Communications (Sweden) and Milestone Systems (Denmark). Axis Communications is the global network camera market leader, offering an extensive product lineup. They have also launched the AXIS Q1659, a network camera that combines the company’s network technologies with Canon’s optical technologies to make possible high-resolution visual monitoring.

Additionally, the combination of Milestone Systems’ video management technologies and Canon’s image analysis technologies is giving rise to business solutions that utilize visual data in various ways. For example, the integration of Milestone Systems’ video management software with Canon’s image analysis software has produced People Counter, which counts people in real-time and recorded video. Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, Canon’s network camera solutions are continuing to evolve, realizing higher performance and utilizing AI and IoT technologies to derive new information from images and create new value.


AXIS Q1659

A high-resolution network camera that makes possible color shooting from wide-angle to telephoto at approximately 20 megapixels and 8 frames per second.

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