FPD Lithography Equipment for Large Panels

FPD (Flat Panel Display) lithography equipment is indispensable for manufacturing FPD such as wide-screen TV's, tablets and notebook PCs which require high portability. Canon’s FPD lithography equipment can expose 1.5μm line width (about 1/65 of a human hair) circuit on large glass substrates.

Created : July 2022    03'25''

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FPD Lithography Equipment for Small and Medium-Size Panels

Equipped with OLED displays, smartphones are becoming more and more sophisticated and achieving higher and higher resolutions. FPD (flat-panel display) lithography equipment supports the production of these high-resolution displays. Canon’s FPD lithography equipment utilizes a concave mirror measuring 1.5 meters in diameter ― developed in-house ― that can expose circuits with a linewidth of 1.2 micrometers (about 1/75 the width of a human hair) onto large glass substrates. Making possible the on-shot exposure of 200 six-inch smartphone displays, this equipment contributes to increased productivity for display production.

Created :
November 2020
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In Pursuit of the Ideal Lens

For over 70 years, Canon has been pursuing the ideal lens. This video introduces how an image is created when light passes through a lens and also highlights Canon's technological breakthroughs in aspherical lenses, fluorite lenses and DO lenses, as well as the traditional craftsmanship that makes these lenses possible. This video also presents the advanced design technologies and manufacturing technologies cultivated by Canon over many years.

Created :
December 2006
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