Promotion Video of NTV’s Professional Baseball Broadcast

April 28, 2022

The promotion video for the NTV’s broadcast “DRAMATIC BASEBALL 2022” of the professional baseball games was captured at Volumetric Video Studio-Kawasaki (VVS-K). It is being used in this season's TV broadcast.

Promotion Video

Making Video

Hirokazu Ibata (former professional baseball player) and Ririna Kanemitsu (Yomiuri Giants women‘s baseball team) came to VVS-K and took full advantage of the 8m square capturing area to shoot a series of plays include pitching and fielding of double plays. After that, we created a video by compositing it with the background CG of Tokyo Dome. We created this background CG based on the scanned data of the actual Tokyo Dome. You can see the actual play during the game as if you were in the ground, from a viewpoint that cannot be seen from a conventional camera angle.