Canon cooperated to share the volumetric technology with the world
through a website "Web Japan/Japan Video Topics"
operated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

March 28, 2024

We cooperated to take an introduction video relative to Volumetric system during the interview about Volumetric Video Studio-Kawasaki. In addition, we shared a video taken at the studio as an example.

“Web Japan” is a website operated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to share various information about Japan, such as facts, fun, new trends, both traditional and pop cultures, science and technology, food, travel and lifestyle. In “Japan Video Topics” at the website, a volumetric video technology was featured, and then our studio was introduced as one of the largest studios in the world. In addition, a part of a promotional video taken at the studio "Grand Slam Tokyo 2022" on All Japan Judo Federation was shared as an example.

Web Japan/Japan Video Topics


Content Title : Volumetric Video – New Ways to Visualize Our World (4'42")

Canon Volumetric Video