Volumetric Video in live broadcast of the KEIRIN (Bicycle Race)
GRAND PRIX 2023 Series

December 30, 2023

Canon's Volumetric Video Technology was used in the live broadcast of the KEIRIN Grand Prix 2023 Series held at the Tachikawa Velodrome from December 28, 2023 to December 30 as “the third free-viewpoint video of race competition”.

In the broadcast program, we provided additional effects that are unique to the volumetric video, such as the split screen comparative viewing between the real footage from actual cameras and the free-viewpoint video footage. We are also able to show virtual subjects running alongside the bicyclists so that people can visually understand how fast they are.

February 15, 2024

A commentary program titled "Matsuura Yuji looks back the race based on a free viewpoint video" featuring Matsuura Yuji, the winner of Keirin Grand Prix 2023, and Keirin legend Murakami Yoshihiro was also released. Based on the volumetric video data taken at the KEIRIN Grand Prix 2023, they looked back on the fierce competition, focusing on the free-viewpoint video created from a new angle for the commentary program. In addition, the speed of each athlete calculated from the volumetric video data was superimposed in sync with the video to provide an effective race analysis.

Canon Volumetric Video