Provided volumetric video for the 77th Japan Championship Keirin

May 7, 2023

Canon Inc.

We provided volumetric video for the live broadcast of the 77th Japan Keirin Championship held on May 7, 2023. We were able to deliver a video that allows you to experience the "toughness" of the bicycle race from the athlete's perspective and bird's-eye view, which cannot be seen with normal camera angles.

September 4, 2023

Following on from the last time, a commentary program titled "Relay of Bicycle Racing in the Near Future" by Mr. Koji Yamaguchi and Mr. Yoshihiro Murakami, who are legends in the bicycle world, was also released. This time, we asked Mr. Jason Niblett, head coach of the national cycling team for short distances, to give us an explanation, and we analyzed it from all perspectives. Athletes and coaches also received favorable feedback that using free-viewpoint video could lead to improvements in future competitiveness, such as technical corrections and improvements to riding forms.

Canon Volumetric Video