Canon collaborated on a volumetric video technology for the performance video "OiSa Volumetric Video ver." of the idol group "Batten Girls“.

March 24, 2021

Canon provided a volumetric video technology for the production of performance video "OiSa Volumetric Video ver." for the Kyushu-based five member idol group "Batten Girls“, which belongs to major entertainment production company Stardust Promotion. The video was released to the world on March 24.

"OiSa," the music video for "Batten Girls” (released in October 2020), has attracted a lot of attention from around the world for its mysterious view of the world. Taking advantage of volumetric video technology, "OiSa Volumetric Video ver." fuses with the 3DCG background of the Noh-theater, the stage of the traditional Japanese art of Noh. While online video experiences are gaining popularity due to COVID-19, this video was produced under the concept of challenging the potential of new Japanese pop culture expressed digitally and appealing to the world.

Canon created 3DCG background images of the entire space of actual Noh-theaters by scanning. In addition, the performance of the "Batten Girls" was captured in a volumetric video studio - Kawasaki and video was generated in a one-stop manner. In addition, it is generally said that it is difficult to make a volumetric video of a performance with a shield such as an umbrella. However, with more than 100 cameras surrounding the subject. For this reason, 5 members with glossy Japanese umbrellas have succeeded in visualizing dynamic performance making full use of the space of 8 m square and 3.5 m height, further enhancing the "Japanese" taste of the video. In this way, you can enjoy the dance performance of idols in the Noh-theater, which is full of the beauty of Japan, from all angles that you cannot usually see from the audience.

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