Improved shooting functions

L-series lenses have been developed to provide photographers with professional-class support for shooting all kinds of subjects in all kinds of expressive ways. Naturally, Canon constantly develops and improves technologies, specifications and functions. The latest lineup of L-series lenses extends Canon's legacy of renowned innovation including Image Stabilizer (IS) and autofocus (AF) advancements.

IS: Enhanced camera-shake blur compensation

Most of the latest lenses with IS provide compensation as effectively as the equivalent of up to approximately four-steps-faster shutter speed*. In addition to conventional modes, some of the latest models feature newly developed Mode 3 which is effective for shooting subjects that move in an unpredictable manner.
* Based on CIPA standards

Improved autofocusing speed and precision

L-series lenses employ inner and rear focusing systems and high-torque ring-type USM (Ultrasonic Motor) for superior response of focusing lens groups whose weight increases in proportion to image quality. The new-generation L-series lenses' high-performance controller CPU and optimized AF algorithm make it possible to focus from a completely defocused image to a sharply focused one much faster. Moreover, lens-driving precision has been enhanced following reexamination of internal mechanisms. Now, subjects can be captured more quickly and accurately.

Reduced closest focusing distance and increased maximum magnification

Closest focusing distance has been reduced while image quality has been enhanced. Wide-angle lenses emphasize expansive perspective, while mid-range to telephoto lenses are very effective at producing photos with background blur. Shorter minimum focusing distance enables use in a wider variety of shooting situations and could help keep your equipment to a minimum.