ACTION for GREEN - Environmental activities
Photo : A poster used at Canon South Africa

Canon (Global)

Creating awareness-raising posters for the Environment Month

  • Environmental education

Original environmental awareness-raising posters

Design team and Global environment team together create original posters and distribute them to Group companies around the world. The 13 different posters created over ten years, from 2008 to 2017, help raise employee awareness about the environment.

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    2010 #1
  9. image
    2010 #2
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    2009 #1
  11. image
    2009 #2
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    2008 #1
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    2008 #2

Mr. Hiroshi Goto, Design

There are likely many people who feel environmental issues are so large and far-reaching that the issues are irrelevant to them personally. I can't help tending to feel that way sometimes too, but it is exceedingly important for each of us to think of what we can do, no matter how insignificant, in our regular jobs and lives and then carry those ideas out, no matter how small. To this end, we attempt to create posters that get people to pause the moment they encounter them, and that cause people to think just a little more deeply about the environment than they have before.