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Photo : Issues of National Geographic, first published in 1888

Canon (Global)

Environmental corporate advertisements running since 1981

  • Conservation of nature / Biodiversity / NPO

Overview of the campaign

Canon has been publishing a series of advertisements under the title “Wildlife as Canon Sees It” in every issue of the National Geographic, a magazine read widely around the world, since April 1981. In each piece, we cover one endangered species and provide, along with a photograph, information on its habitat, population, and other statistics.

February 2017 issue of National Geographic
The “Wildlife as Canon Sees It” ad from the January 2017 issue

Introduced over 400 species of endangered wildlife

Thanks to our compatibility with a magazine that has a huge readership among people devoted to wildlife protection, Canon has introduced 417 species over 36 years, from the April 1981 issue to the December 2016 issue. Each year we get dozens of requests from schools wanting to use photographs and descriptions from the advertisements as teaching materials. This demand speaks to the quality of the photos and the usefulness of the information provided through this campaign, as well as the pleasure people get from reading the advertisements.


Ms. Yu Hirai, Advertising

The objective of this advertisement series is threefold: to foster people's understanding of wildlife and the world's environment, to communicate, through this understanding, Canon's corporate philosophy of kyosei to the world, and to showcase the culture of photography, which is able to capture and convey animals in their natural state, and Canon's technology that supports this culture. It is our hope that people who view the advertisements will, as a result, take a greater interest in the animals who share the earth with us and become more aware of nature conservation and environmental preservation.